Friday, February 19, 2016

Wireless access dilemma...

You are waiting in an airport and need to connect to a wireless network.  You see the following “Free Public WiFi” wireless network available:The airport is charging $10 an hour for wireless and this one is free!
The question: Do you connect or not?

The answer: Don’t do it.  “Free Public Wi-Fi” is both a hacker’s dream and security glitch, forming a rogue connection directly to someone else’s computer rather than to a hot spot.  Originally caused by a glitch, it is often used by hackers, knowing many people have the inability to resist connecting to such a network.  If you connect through one controlled by a hacker, your activities will be watched, and your connections will be hijacked.

What to do: ALWAYS know what wireless access points you are connecting to.  Establishments providing legitimate wireless access normally provide the name of their access points.  Don’t connect unless you are sure.

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