Thursday, February 18, 2016

A password quiz..

Here’s a quick password quiz:

Which password below is the hardest to crack but the easiest to remember?

  1. Jasmine1
  2. H&1#5dy<?72Rvlt
  3. It’s been a hard days night 4 SueM

If you chose #3, you are a winner.  And you probably use easy-to-remember, hard to crack passphrases (see below for why).

Remember, password managers make remembering a lot of passwords unnecessary.  

Password: Jasmine1
Time to crack: < 1 second
Why it is bad: In a password cracking wordlist

Password: H&1#5dy<?72Rvlt

Time to crack: 4 trillion years 
Why it is bad unless you use a password manager: Complex but hard to remember and type

Password: It’s been a hard days night 4 SueM 
Time to crack: 7 quattuordecillion years (however long that is ;)
Why it is good: A personalized remember-able passphrase that’s 34 characters long!

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