Sunday, March 26, 2017

Online version of my 2016 SANS Security Awareness Summit Presentation

Seeing is Believing: Making the Cyber Hype Real with Hacking Demos

Our users hear all the time about computer hacks, financial compromises, and stolen information. But have you ever wondered about different ways to arouse end users to take these subjects more seriously? In this presentation you will learn how we use real- world hacking demonstrations to help us cultivate a more engaged and equipped end user community. You will be shown a video of one of these hacking demonstrations, and learn how we arm the users with ideas, tools and techniques in order to protect themselves against what they have witnessed. You will also learn some tools and techniques for creating these demonstrations, and discover resources for learning hacker tools and techniques for security awareness. Once done you will be able to leverage the ideas presented to create your own real-world demonstrations for your user community.