Friday, February 19, 2016

Call Back Scams...

Employees continue to be targets of call back scams…

In some call back scams, the scammer calls its target person or company from a certain phone number and then hangs up before the phone is answered (before it goes to voicemail). Sometimes the scammer will text its phone number to its target person. The goal with this type of scam is to arouse curiosity, to get the target person to wonder “hmmm…who was that?” and call the number back. When the person calls the number back, sometimes it ends up being a premium service number and their phone bill is charged accordingly.

In the most recent scam attempt, an employee at work was targeted by a Capital One fraud phone scam. The caller left a voicemail requesting a call back, and this call wasn’t expected at all. These scams try to make you unnecessarily concerned about your account and its status, and return the call using the phone number given. The scammer will then try to socially engineer you into giving up your account information.

Be very careful about phone numbers that call your telephone and hang up, or leave a message that you definitely aren’t expecting. Always verify who called before returning the call. In the case of scams such as the Capital One attempt, calling the legitimate telephone number on your card or statement is always the best way to verify.

Of course, I prefer Grumpy Cat’s approach… ;)

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