Thursday, February 18, 2016

A quick analysis of a suspicious email...

This other day, I received the email below that is a good potential “phish” example.  It was suspicious to me because I didn’t expect it, and it has the big “Activate your account” button on it, which always makes me nervous

I hovered my mouse over the “Activate your account” button, and it showed this URL:

Hmmm….doesn’t match  Not sure about this one.  However, I noticed that the email spells out the actual website, so I could manually enter 

Before doing so, however, I entered into one of my favorite URL checking sites, .  It reported no reputation concerns with the website (0 out of 29 is good :).

I then manually entered in my browser, and the site appears legit.  To be double-sure, I searched for “Calpers Compare” on the website, and it checks out.

Hope you enjoyed this example of investigating a suspicious email as much as I did!  ;)

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