Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Remember to setup alerts on your bank accounts...

Remember, during security awareness training, when we talked about setting up alerts on our credit card and bank accounts?

Um, ok, good.  Well, it payed off (once again).  Last week I suddenly received 3 of these alerts:

Yikes!  Not me!  I immediately got on the phone to Capital One, where I informed them of the unlawful use.  Someone got my credit card # and made some purchases in Louisiana.  Ultimately Capital One recognized the transactions as suspicious, but I saw it first.  :))   As in any computing activity, alerting and monitoring for the win!!

Total charges they made were around $300, which I’m not responsible for.  That’s why it’s important not to use a debit card for purchases whenever possible.  A bad guy can empty your debit card checking account and the bank isn’t necessarily liable in that instance.  Save your debit card for getting cash at your bank’s ATM.

So be sure to turn alerts on for your credit card and bank accounts!  And enable 2-factor authentication for your online accounts where it is available (see where at

By the way, 300 dollars at a DOLLAR general store???  Wow, that’s some serious stockpiling…

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